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ientek mass flow meters measure the flow of both liquid and gas.
ientek's flow devices are composed of mass flow meters, mass
flow sensors, electronic flow meters, and ultrasonic flow meters.

The ientek pressure meter measures and transmits normal,
differential, absolute, and low-range pressures.
GPT and DPT are intelligent pressure transmitters equipped with
microprocessors. PT and CPT are micro type output signal
BPT measures and shows the pressure data using a bar graph.

The ientek level meter measures the level of both liquid and
powder. An ultrasonic level transmitter uses the ultrasonic
principle for measurement.
Other level meters use semiconductors and measure water level
by being dipped into the liquid.

The ientek humidity meter is used to adjust or to accurately
measure humidity levels.
HTT (humidity & temperature transmitter) is the primary humidity
sensor of ientek, and it gauges humidity, temperature, and dew
point. ientek also produces HTTD which displays the digital data
on the panel.

ientek PTC underwater heaters go well beyond conventional
nichrome wire heaters, using PTC as a heat generator.
When the PTC permits a certain level of voltage, the temperature
rises sharply until it reaches a pre-set point, increasing resistance
Then the current is restricted, thereby self-adjusting the humidity.
In this way the risks of overheating due to the absence of water,
and the subsequent risks of fire are minimized.
For 1.5~2 seconds after the initial voltage permit, the current peaks,
raising the temperature sharply.
Approximately five seconds following this, regular voltage is restored.
Peak current is about three times higher than the regular current.
The PTC heater is packed in an airtight case made of stainless
steel 316 and 304, guaranteeing its safety.


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